Our virtual attic is intended to include what would be found in trunks, files, cabinets and other forms of storage in any twentieth- or twenty-first century home.

All these methods of safekeeping are less likely to be used in the future. Space is at a premium for increasing numbers of us. And then there is the decluttering movement, which can be done to excess when it comes to memories. More and more things are only available in digital forms; emails, say, as opposed to handwritten letters, which feel far more personal than computer generated fonts.

The internet age and whatever follows in technology means that our successor generations will have less that is tangible to hold, to see the yellowing of aging paper; fewer frames, and mementos to decorate shelves and walls.

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An Especially Good View

An Especially Good View

In more than five decades as a reporter, editor and publisher, Peter Osnos has had an especially good view of momentous events and relationships with some of the most influential personalities of our time.

As he charts the evolution of his career and recent history, he also explores the influence and impact of family, character, curiosity, luck, resilience, a well-pressed suit and some unexpected wrinkles.

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