Collages… and More

Collages and More

The Art of Naomi Osnos

July 17, 1937 – Dec. 27, 2023

Naomi Osnos’ (née Horowitz) talent and passions as an artist led her to attend the High School of Music and Art, Hunter College, and the School of Visual Arts. She spent her career as a book designer and art director for Random House while simultaneously honing her craft, creating many works. 

Artistic expression takes many forms, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, collage, and combinations of all of them. Naomi became a true master of collage. After her marriage to Dr. Robert Osnos, and while raising their two daughters, Gwyn and Jean, she became struck by the photographic images she found in magazines, especially of colorful objects. Everything from household utensils and furniture to nature and landscapes, which when assembled became Naomi’s domain – transforming the recognizable into artistry. She characterized her work as independent in conception, not derivative of any group or broader genre. 

This work, her collages (and more) are now available as a PDF, attached to this post. Naomi’s work can be greatly appreciated on screens but that is not their only destination. Displayed on walls, they would enhance any space. Wherever encountered, they are a representation of Naomi’s exceptional life as an artist.

Collages… and More